We are also created the Aspire Volunteer Charity Shop to sell things to our volunteers and visitors who want to support the children of Aspire. We sell T-shirts, bags, foods, soft drink, coffee, can of beers, bottle of beer, handmade clothes, artwork by our children, necklaces, bangles and earrings,...etc. All these things will be made by our children at Aspire's resturant.
Areas you may help in :

Schooling: If you have teaching experience or can just carry out conversations in different languages (i.e English, France, Japanese, Chinese, Computer,...etc) it helps the children develop their skills.

Building: We are always looking for skilled or unskilled people to help us carry out our current building projects.

Labour: Part of our daily life is growing/nurturing our crops, which helps keep the food costs down while teaching the children where food comes from and how to sustain themselves and their families in the future.

Admin: Innovative ideas for gaining new sponsors, writting letters and helping to polish up general I.T. are areas we can always use help with.

Children: Just talking, caring , spending time with and of course playing with the children does so much for the morale of the entire school / orphanage , its in this where we hope that you may gain just as much from us as we gain from you.

Volunteers are able to offer so much to our children; you may be a trained teacher, or simply a natural one. you may enjoy sharing hand-craft skills; you may enjoy sports activities with eager boys and girls, or you may like quieter pastimes such as looking at books and talking with the children. Every child will benefit from individual attention given by volunteers, and you will be encouraging them to use their English language skills. There are all sorts of ways you can help even if you do not speak English. We do not ask for any set donation beyond the cost of your meals and lodging, but please understand that we rely on the generous donations of those able to contribute to our project and would welcome any additional support you can give.

We do ask that if you are planning ahead to volunteer, that you would please email us so that we know when you expect to be with us. However, if you find yourself in Siem Reap with a day or two to spare, then do just turn up and help in any way you can.

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