The View Garden Villa is an Aspire project built with support of sponsors donations. It is a clean and comfortable guesthouse which provides visitors a safe, relaxing place to rest after a day at our center or at Angkor Wat. We use revenue from the guesthouse to support our center in a more sustainable way, where we don't only rely on donations. Also, we are able to gain new experience and the opportunitiy for learning valuable skills from the experience that might relate to future job opportunities in hotel, travel and tourism businesses. Thank you for your ongoing support of Aspire and our youth.

We have a resturant for full day & bar in night time, selling food, soft drink, coffee, can of beers, bottle of beers, also volunteers can order food what they want in menu (breakfast, lunch & dinner), this is real traditional Cambodian delicious food for our volunteer as well.   

However, all of this is unfortunately not enough to adequately fund the school. Therefore, the school has organised an Aspire Charity Souvenir shop so that visitors and volunteers can purchase small gifts and help support the orphanage.

We are in need of help from visitors and volunteers to donate money or hold fundraising efforts to support the building and construction of the dormitory project for the children of ASPIRE. We hope you will join us in helping to alleviate extreme poverty and supporting the children of Cambodia. Thank you so much for your support!

When you arrive to Siem Reap, we can arrange for a tuk-tuk driver to pick you up from the airport or the bus station. Our tuk-tuk driver is also able to drop and pick you up for trips into Siem Reap during the weekends and evenings.

Donations from our volunterers will help to pay for this house, which is 288 square meter with 3 floors. With this project, we intend to attract more volunteers to ASPIRE and allow them to become more personally connected with the kids and our organization. We hope to make you a part of our family by offering a simple homestay so that you are able to stay and help as long as you wish without worrying about where you will eat or stay the night. This project is centered around the fact that volunteers are critical to our success. Without the generosity of our volunteers time, donations, and effort, ASPIRE would not be here today.

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